The ultimate hand treatment: Crabtree & Evelyn's 60 Second Fix Kit


I'd long overlooked Crabtree & Evelyn, writing them off (a little unfairly) as a pretty "fuddy duddy" brand....and for that I am sorry!

So remember when I said my sister and I had been treated to a little pampering at The Oracle?  We were introduced to the Crabtree & Evelyn hand recovery and hand therapy system....resulting in me hot-footing it over to the store to make a swift purchase.

There are a whole host of fragrances to choose from, but only a few come as part of this 60 Second Fix Kit which saves you £6 over buying them separately.   Luckily for me, the citron, honey & coriander was my favourite scent all along plus I had a £5 off voucher.  Buying these two individually would cost £31, the set is £25....but yup, I got it for £20!

So the hand recovery is an exfoliator.  I'd never thought of exfoliating my hands before.  It's abrasive yet moisturising, and I was advised not to use this more than twice a week.  The hand therapy is an intense moisturiser which last ages without leaving your hands greasy.  It sinks in quick and my hands have never felt better.  My eczema has all but disappeared and everyone who's tried this out has agreed that it leaves their hands soft and smooth.

At £25 this kit is a bit more of a luxury than I'd usually go for, but the results speak for themselves.  When these run out (which will be a only need the tiniest amount!) I'll definitely be repurchasing.

Has anyone else tried this?


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