Things that happened in: April


In April...

... I went back to being blonder.  It's been years since I've had blonde hair, and this month we kicked the balayage up a notch and went for much blonder ends.  Ultimately, I want a really cool-toned blonde, but it's proving to be not that easy.  I've got a multitude of silver shampoos in my bathroom, along with the Bleach London White Toner waiting to be used, but please leave any other recommendations below!
... we went rock climbing!
... me and my big sister got to spend lots of time together.  Back when I was in uni and college, we spent every Tuesday together and were quite close.  That's not an option these days, so it was good to take advantage of the Easter holidays and see each other more frequently.  The highlight would probably be our trip to The Oracle for their Spring Fashion Fix.  We had a hand treatment done and I found my new favourite pampering combo (more on that soon) and Nichola's arm was twisted into spending a small fortune on Benefit make up.

... speaking of The Oracle, I featured in their seasonal magazine!

... I sold a lot of my unloved stuff via depop and vinted.
... I went on two nights out with friends.  TWO!  That is quite an achievement for me these days.
... we went bridesmaid dress shopping.  I've done it before for family, but it's really different being a bridesmaid for a bestie.  Minus the champagne spillages, it was an uneventful trip.  Turns out we're all really easy going and the dresses in mind were perfect!
... I got another tattoo.  Sorry Mum.


  1. The blonde hair looks good on you! Seems like you had a fun month, here's to May! xx

  2. You hair looks fab and it's great you got to spend more time with your sis!

  3. your hair is gorgeous!


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