(very nearly) mid-year beauty resolutions


I bet we're all guilty of it.  Obsessively buying the latest hero product, on that quest to get perfect skin/hair/nails, but overlooking the fact that if we got the basics right with what we already own we'd probably have the perfect foundation for that desired end goal without shelling out even more money on even more products.  Here are the beauty resolutions I'm setting myself for the rest of the year:

- Start using heat protection, daily, on my hair - 

- Make use of the stock of face masks I have, and use one at least once a week -

- Get back into using my MAC eye shadow palette again -

- Exfoliate! -

- Make time to moisturise daily -

- Take off and reapply my nail varnish before I hit that awful chipped stage -

- Use Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment regularly.  I don't want my hair to grow lots, but an inch or so would be nice! -

- Clean my brushes more regularly -

- Cut down the amount of time it takes me to apply make up in the morning.  I've gotten into an awful habit of faffing about and taking forever to get ready -

Are there any changes you'd like to make to your beauty regime?


  1. I am so bad at not moisturising my face, Ill join you on that resolution!


  2. I really enjoyed this post thank you! Nicola noodlingalong.blogspot.co.uk Xx


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