6: ways to update your bob


Without doubt, the bob hair cut is *the* style of the moment.  I've had mine for about a year now and to be honest, I'm beginning to get bored.  Until an afternoon spent on pinterest that is.  Now I'm full of inspiration and can't wait to get playing around with these quick fixes to update my hair!  So here's my shortlist:

- go care-free with these undone curls -
- cut in a heavy fringe -
- get instant fringe-regret and plait it and pin it back -
- perfect these beachy waves -
- go for a deep side-parting and go for sleek locks with volume at the crown -
- work out how to get this low-maintenance straight, textured hair -

Any other bob updates I should try?


  1. I went to a bob at the beginning of the year and have loved it - but I haven't loved how often I feel like I need to cut it. I am really loving the tousled curls look, I must say!

  2. Love these, I need some hair inspiration!

    Maria xxx


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