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I'm always fascinated by how others blog.  Some people are highly organised, with notepads upon notepads of planning, whilst others are a little more impulsive, blogging as and when it takes their fancy.  I like to think I'm a bit of both; I have notebooks for planning, but on occasion (like with this post!) I prefer to deviate from the plan and blog what I fancy.  So with the focus of this post being on how I blog, let's split this up into bitesize chunks.

I touched upon how I find some inspiration in this month's tips and tricks post with Leanne, and at the beginning of each month I draw up a planner in my notebook with different headings of topics and series I want to feature.  I have a few regular subjects that I cover each month, and the rest of the time I blog about whatever's interesting me at that moment in time.  And within that planner I also add in a couple of tick boxes to keep me on track with the next part of the blogging process....

When a blog post is in process, there's the age-old question: photos first, or writing?  I'm one of those people who needs a photo before they begin.  I just find it really hard to sit down and write without a visual alongside it.  And speaking of sitting, for the most part I choose to sit at my desk to do my blogging.  I do have the odd lazy day where I'm on the sofa in front of the tv, but I find I'm at my most productive from the comfort of my desk.  Working a full time job alongside blogging means that writing after work is a no-no, so I like to fit it all in at the weekend too.

Come Sunday evening, if the plan's gone well, I'll have edited relevant photos, drafted up my blog posts for the week and they'll be ready and waiting to go.  Then it's just a case of logging in during the week and hitting 'publish'.  Sometimes I can be a bit slack in the next area; social media promotion.  Luckily bloglovin automatically tweets out a link to new posts, but I aim to back this up with instagram posts, tweets and links via my facebook page.  I have tried to make use of hootsuite in the past, but I found that to be just as time consuming to schedule as just tweeting as and when!

And that's how I blog.  I think I've got a good balance between focus and flexibility....this system works for me!  I'd love to know how you blog though? 


  1. I'm so impulsive! Occasionally I'll have a few days where I'm super productive and line a few posts up ready to go, but most of the time I just write when I have the time. I'm forever starting drafts when I'm inspired and going back to them ages after - I should really get a notebook to keep all my ideas in check!


  2. I have handwriting envy.
    That is all.

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  3. Well I feel totally slack. I blog as and when, usually from the sofa or the kitchen table. I have about a dozen posts in draft that I have started and never finished. Your colour co-ordinated notebook is the stuff that blogging dreams are made of!

    rachael xx | made up of little things

  4. i've tried keeping lists and posting consistently but this quote sums up my blogging habits 'all the effort in the world won't matter if you're not inspired'


  5. I need to get a little more structure into my blogging schedule. This sounds perfect for me and I really need to actually plan my posts. I tend to just sit and ... write. Then find time for photos. But maybe that's where I'm going wrong!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy


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