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- I've found that Katie's blog has been giving me a break from the norm recently.  Her blog posts are thought-provoking, relevant and just a little different from the fashion and beauty babble that so often consumes my thoughts.
- Whilst most people seem to love etsy, I really struggle with it.  There are gems to be had but I just can't find them.  Which is why Yara's blog post was so helpful.  I'm a massive fan of her blog anyway, and this post just gave me another reason to love it.  First on my list is one of those typography prints.

- How awesome was it to watch an Alexa Chung tutorial done on the lady herself?!  If you haven't seen it yet, go and check it out.  Definitely need to start practising my winged liner again.
- I've been a fan of Roisin Thora's channel for a while now, but for some reason always neglect to mention her.  I watch a lot of YouTube but I love the fact that Roisin isn't afraid to be real on her channel.  And I don't mean that contrived "I've added bloopers of me being 'naturally' cutesy and funny" type of real.  Just watch her videos to see what I mean.

- Getting my legs out in the heat at work isn't really an option for me, so I've been obsessed with patterned trousers lately.  I made a sneaky birthday purchase of a pair, but that hasn't stopped me spending a crazy amount of time looking at more online!
- I'm in the market to buy a new camera lens and I think it'll be the 35mm that I'll go for.  I've got a Nikon, but the 50mm lens I have doesn't autofocus and if what I read online is true, the 35mm will.  If anyone can verify this, please let me know below!

- I instagrammed this photo of cheesecake brownies I'd made for work and thought I'd share the recipe on here.  Then I realised it's much easier to share the link to the recipe direct, so here it is!
- I'm on a mission to ditch the stress and get happier.  Some serious reassessment has been going on, and the book and app which accompany this website have been really helpful.


  1. It can be hard to find great items on Etsy. I'll check out both blogs you mentioned!
    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. There are so many sellers on Etsy, they just go on and on and on!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x


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