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I've got my dream wardobe, but when it comes to the rest of our bedroom things were a little lacking. So when the lovely people at from Asda got in touch asking if I'd like to take part in a campaign featuring some of their new George Home products, I knew exactly which room I'd tackle.  Armed with some spending money and the challenge of doing up our favourite "hub" in the house, I happily set to work browsing the website.

First on my wishlist was some new bedding.  We've got a couple of statement sets, but I've wanted some more basic pieces for a while.  Even before being offered some money to spend, I thought Asda would be my best bet to find what we wanted without breaking the bank....I just never got round to actually purchasing anything.  In the end I opted for this grey marl set and a plain, crisp white offering to rotate with.  This grey jersey one is so soft.  Seriously.  It's soft and stretchy and is a lot like going to bed in my favourite cudsie clothes.  The white (currently in the wash!) isn't as soft, more like sheets in general, but is exactly what we wanted.

The fur throw you can see has been a godsend in this hot weather.  When I don't fancy getting under our hefty duvet I've been sleeping on top with this over me to keep the chill off.  Admittedly it looks better with the white sheets, but it ticks the 'decorative throw' box and has a more practical use too.  Bonus!

Less practical are the cushions.  These were on 3 for £10 so I figured they'd be worth a go.  I never thought I'd be *that* person decorating the bed with cushions, and am on the fence about whether they're really me or not.  But that's cushions in general.  More specifically, I chose these ones in a really nice vibrant green, to add an accent colour to our otherwise grey room.  The cream one (which is much whiter in person that it appears online)is nice and soft, and together they make the bed that little bit more cosy.  Between you and I, I think I am a cushion convert.

Finally, the lamp.  I have a bedside lamp at last!  Tell me, who actually likes reading in bed and having to get up to turn the light off?  Not me.  I love the glass mosaic detailing on this one, and think it fits in really well with the tones in the room.

I'm pretty chuffed with the update to our bedroom!  They're all practical purchase that I'd never otherwise get round to making, and the quality of everything I've been sent is really good.  Stand out product is definitely the bedding, so I'd recommend checking at Asda next time you're after something new.  They have some lovely decorative duvet sets as well.

Would you have thought of going to Asda for your homeware?


  1. The lamp is gorgeous! What lovely things - I think I will have to pay a visit to George at Home.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. I love the duvet set! It sounds so cosy, will definitely have to pop in to Asda for a look. I'm about to move in to a new flat so it's perfect timing!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. I love how making a few changes to one area in a room can really refresh things! I'm looking forward to getting all new stuff when we move! :-)

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  4. I love a cushion and Asda's duvet sets are always great! Such a lovely post :)


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