Making Memories: June


I'm quite excited about this month's challenge!  I love finding new places, and the thought of hopping in the car and seeing where the wind takes us is something really appealing to me.

It's my birthday this month and Zara's right at the beginning of July, so hopefully we can tie a day trip in as sort of a girlie birthday treat.  I'm not sure where to head - a shopping destination, a sight-seeing day, a cultural trip (somehow I think Zara will vote "no" to that!) or some time in the fresh air and countryside....the possibilities are endless!  If you have any suggestions for us, then please do leave them below.  Otherwise it may just be a case of sticking a pin in a map and heading in that direction.  Either way it'll be fun!


  1. This sounds like a good idea! I've been to Winchester for a nice day out. Look at the cathedral and all the little shops!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x x

  2. This is amazing, I am hoping to travel and go to newer places too.


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