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Wow, I can't believe this is the fourth month I've been doing these posts!  Here's this edition of the sites I've been bookmarking recently...

 - I've been nosying through the popular page on Instagram lately and finding a few new blogs to follow that way.  First on my discovery list is Carin's blog, Paris in Four Months, which I've fallen in love with for everything from it's header to the beautiful photography.
- So I'm going to sound incredibly ignorant when I confess that I'm not entirely sure which language Interiors Originals is written in but wow, do they include some beautiful interiors!  From what I can understand it's a collection of images sourced online and it definitely gets me all inspired to give our home a little make over.

- I've been toying with the idea of a city break to Rome for a while now, but watching Brogan's Rome Vlogs has sealed the deal.  Now I just need to get my act together, stop spending and book something for next year.
- You probably all follow idressmyselff already; I discovered her through another big YouTuber and I really like her style.

- I've mentioned before that I'm permanently on the hunt for silver rings, and I think that this one may be a potential purchase.  It's hard to judge from a website though, I can't work out if it'll be tacky in real life!
- Kimonos.  Kimonos, kimonos, kimonos....I am obsessed with them.  Or perhaps it's just the idea?  I can't every decide on one to buy, and the ones I do end up liking are always too expensive to justify.  On the shortlist is this one from asos, this blue Urban Outfitters number, this Fashion Union tile print one or this black one.

- Speaking of Instagram earlier, I discovered Stephanie's account and absolutely love her style.  Mixing soft greys with black and a distressed brick wall background, she's a girl after my own heart.
- We're slowly introducing plants into our home (and just about managing to keep them alive!), so I've become a little addicted to looking at house plants on pinterest.  This board is a favourite, and I'm detemined to track down *The* perfect industrial silver plant pot.  I know I've seen them somewhere, but now that I actually want one I can't remember where....

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