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I'm partial to a bit of leopard print, and it seems there's no better time to indulge than in summer.  With elements of safari hitting the shops, it's really easy to find a whole wealth of animal prints.

1. I'm a firm believer in animal print (leopard in particular) being very much a neutral.  Mix it in with block, classic colours to give extra interest to an outfit.
2.  As a rule, keep the animal print to accessories!
3. Croc print, for example, can err on the side of tacky.  Consider splashing out on key investment pieces to make sure you don't end up looking like Bet Lynch.
4. Have fun!  This is a style that rolls around every year, so look for timeless shapes for your more expensive purchases, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options for you to test the waters with.

Admittedly this is a collection that verges more on the autumnal side of things, but I love it!  A Whistle clutch is a classic, although I'm not sure I'll be spending £60 on a simple pouch any time soon.  Those plimsolls however....I already own the Zara pair, but I think I need the cow print and snake print variations!


  1. Love all of these! Just bought a leopard print playsuit, I love the print so much xx

  2. Love the whistles pouch! One day I will get one!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​


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