first impressions: Odylique Repair Lotion


I was sent this lotion a while back and it's unlike anything else in my stash.  For body lotions, I prefer them to be scented and when it comes to hand creams, suffering with eczema means I have to be quite particular.  This is different though, and has definitely earned a place in my collection.  

Odylique is 100% natural, and this Repair Lotion promises to "calm and aid the repair of distressed and allergy-prone skin on your face or body."  I suffer from really bad skin irritation when I shave my legs; it's so bad that I can't moisturise for a day or so afterwards.  It burns, and I'm not joking when I tell you I've woken up in the night with hot, itchy legs.  But with summer comes skirts, and upon realising right before a family BBQ that I had a bit of regrowth I hastily shaved and let the itching commence.  It's unbearable, and as a last resort I applied this lotion and hoped for the best.

It did the trick!  I've never had anything soothe my skin as quickly as this before, and I was starting to feel at my wit's end.  Shaving is a necessity in summer, but the red scratchy skin that I'm left with is not a good look, so I'm glad I've finally found something that does the trick.

You can buy the Odylique Organic Repair Lotion here, at Essential Care for £20 for 60ml.  It's pricey for the fairly small tube but I honestly would reconsider repurchasing considering the effect it has.  

There's lots more in the Odylique range, and now I want to give other products a go!  Have you tried anything from the brand?

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