June 2014's Memory: a trip to somewhere new


Last month's challenge of a day trip was thwarted.  Twice.  By Ikea.  Sadly, June is always a really busy month and I'm not sure July will be much different.  We do have a place in mind for our trip though, and we will do it sometime in the near future!

As a (last minute) compromise, we eschewed a day trip and settled on a visit to a place we'd never been to before.  And that place was....Creams.  The home of puddings and definitely not one to visit whilst on a diet.

With eyes bigger than our belly, we both opted for a milkshake and pud.  I was left feeling very full indeed, but it was so worth it.  I teamed a white kinder bueno shake with a nutella and strawberry waffle....they weren't exaggerating when the menu said the waffle would come "smothered" in nutella.  Zara chose Belgian chocolate crepes with an ice cream milkshake.  And it was all amazing.  Next time I go (yes, we've discussed it already) I think we should just share a pudding between us....we both ended up leaving some, and it's not often I do that!

So while we didn't manage to complete the challenge in full, we did have a lovely Sunday evening out trying somewhere new.  In fact, I'm convinced that low key Sunday evening trips bathed in the last rays of sunshine for the day are the new thing to do.  Definitely something I'll be pushing for more of in the future.


  1. Both of your dishes look delicious! It sounds like you had a great time, even if it wasn't technically a day trip.

    Bits & Bobs

  2. That food looks delicious! Especialy the crepe.
    Rubi | The Den

  3. these look so yummy!


  4. HELLO! This looks crazy yummy. I hope to see you soon, and eat like this please ;)


  5. Oh i love this place, they are getting one in Windsor next too so will be in there after work! xx



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