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I've always been a bronzey-gold kinda gal.  The Naked 2 palette is my pick of the bunch, and I always find myself gravitating towards that sunkissed bronze glow.

But something's changed!  With the promise of a major hair change on the horizon, I've been experimenting a little more with my make up and delving into my stash for the more rosey tones that I had a brief dalliance with way back when.

So what's made it into rotation at the moment?

MAC Reubenesque paint pot (which, annoyingly, I forgot to photograph!) makes the perfect pink-gold base for eyeshadow application.  The eyeshadow in question is MAC's Expensive Pink, blended with Sin and Toasted, both from the Urban Decay Naked palette.  Lashings of mascara to create a bit of definition and brighten the eyes, and I'm really enjoying this colour combination!

I'm not yet ready to give up my bronzer (Chanel Bronze Universal all the way FYI), but I have toned down the whole contour routine.  It's no secret that I'm a bronze-aholic and have, on occasion, used up to three bronzers on a daily basis.  THREE!  I'm now down to a sweep of Chanel and then a light application of The Balm's Hot Mama gives my skin a pretty flush.

And then for lips, it's a fairly recent product rather than one banished to the back of my collection.  I first mentioned L'Oreal L'extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick back in February and have slowly been building my collection since then.  I've got my eye on Nude Ballet (now famous for being Kim K's lippie of choice on her wedding day), but for now it's 101 Rose Melody that I've been choosing everyday for that perfect pinky-nude.

Have you had a bit of a shuffle in your collection recently?  I'd love to know what you've been wearing!


  1. The MAC episode is stunning!! Also the balm blushes is super pretty,

    Laura xx

  2. I love my Naked 2 palette, it's so good at creating so many different looks, the original naked palette is next on my list!

    Emma from


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