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I'm a little late this month.  Unexpectedly, the summer holidays have almost become a holiday from blogging.  That's not to say I haven't been catching up on my reading list and doing some serious online window shopping though!

 - I'm going to kick off with one that doesn't need too much explaining.  This list.  Aspirational bucket lists are fun, but can sometimes be unachievable.  I love the way this one focuses on the little things that really mean something in life.
- How amazing does Lizzie look here?  Having the pleasure of knowing the lovely lady personally, I can say that this style is a leap out of her comfort zone...but she looks incredible!  I'm debating trying out the ladylike midi style myself after seeing this post!

- I have a serious girl crush on Bee from Idressmyselff.  You know when you find a new YouTuber and gorge on all of their old videos?  Yeah, that.  I'm obsessed with her style, and would basically just like her wardrobe.  Please.
Sammi.  Need I say more?  I'm a longtime fan, but lately it's stepped up a notch.  Her style, her hair, her dog, her tattoos, her LEGS.  Gah, I just want it all.  I think her and Bee are pretty similar actually, which shows a real shift in my tastes of late.

- My compact camera has been playing up for a while now, so this month I decided to get my act together and return it whilst it's still under warranty.  That refund is now the deposit for this camera, which I'm planning to purchase soon. << Edit: it arrived today!
- I've been trying to be good with money this month.  Being off work with access to the internet as and when is dangerous territory and hazardous to my bank balance.  I bought a couple of rings from Regal Rose recently, and I've got my eye firmly on a few more.

- I'm linking to myself here, but my pinterest board dedicated to all things hair has been a real favourite.  In the past few weeks I've gone from ombre to peach, to pink, to white blonde and soon to be brunette.  Now I'm itching for a new cut, and although it's a little short at the moment, I'm ultimately aiming for a heavy, blunt, asymmetric long bob.
- After reading this post on Nishantishu, I've been looking into the possibility of going on a calligraphy course with Quill London.  It looks like the loveliest relaxing day, and I'm really hoping to book onto an upcoming course!

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  1. Aah bless you! Thanks m'dear. Get in those midi skirts!


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