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Ahhh hair extensions, we go way back.  If only I had the photographic evidence to show started with peroxide blonde 20inch glue-in wefts on my 18th birthday (a bugger to get out, but the glue dissolver smelt so good!) before eventually moving on to the clip in varieties.  Reserved for nights out, they came in one block colour and I always relied on a friend to help me put them in and blend them with my own hair.  Oh how things I have changed...

When I received my complementary HK hair extensions from Dirty Looks, the first thing my older sister/hairstylist said to me was "ooh they're a good match!".  She's right y'know.  I was sent a full set of Parisian Highlighted Wheat Blonde which I was matched up to all on the basis of a photo I snapped on my iPhone.  I always found picking the right colour a nightmare, so knowing there were experts on hand to help was really useful, and they even have this handy shade matcher to help out if you're going solo.

In terms of length, these are 20-22" and if I'm honest they're a little too long for me.  I have nothing against long locks, I just feel like these don't suit me now that my natural hair is so short.  I was initially sent the 12-14" set as I just wanted to add a bit of volume, but bizarrely they were only just longer than my own hair at the time.  I was advised to measure the length from the top of my ear so perhaps I just did it wrong, either way I sent them back and received the 20-22" as an alternative.  I think 18-20" would be ideal for me, but they were out of stock at the time and people convinced me to go long or go home!

Another good thing about the HK extentions is the packaging they come in.  Sent out in a slim box (great for storage), they come split so the bulk of the hair is in a sealed section with one weft left out for you to test the shade match and length.  This was always the problem I found in the past, as you could never really test the colour against your own without unpacking the whole lot and being unable to send it back if it didn't match.  This new system solves that problem and gets a thumbs up from me; if they're not right you can just send them back provided you've not broken the seal and opened the rest of the hair.

It's been years since I've played around with clip in extensions and I really enjoyed giving these a go.  I'm not 100% sure if they suit me, but I'm impressed with the colour range Dirty Looks offers and the high quality these ones are.  If only I could manage to clip them all in myself....some things never change.


  1. I really want to try extension to make my hair thicker!

    Emma from


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