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I'm sitting down to write this off the cuff.  I don't know whether you've noticed, but I haven't managed to post as regularly as I usually do lately, and for once in the whole time I've been blogging, that doesn't actually bother me.  I used to stress over making sure my posting schedule was consistent but in all honesty lately, I've just been feeling a little lacklustre.  There's a big part of me right now that wants to delete a whole raft of old posts and just start again.

Don't get me wrong...I love make up, I love beauty, I love trying out new things in the hopes that they'll help reveal a shinier, softer-skinned, more radiant me.  But I'm not feeling inspired to write about that right now.  Not solely anyway.  There was a time when I used to post outfits on this blog, and while I'm not looking to go back to that awkwardly-posed era I do miss the general life ramblings that used to go alongside it.

I want this blog to be exactly that....a web log of my life.  A journal perhaps.  Something I can look back on and remember how I was feeling at that point.  Not a catalogue of make up with no real personality.

I don't want to put off anybody who follows my blog for my thoughts on beauty.  That will all still be here, but what I do want to focus on is more lifestyle.  I recently set up a separate blog dedicated to that but it's actually been quite hard thinking of content and going back to writing with the knowledge that nobody's reading.  Of course I write for me, but it's an odd feeling hitting 'publish' and not being sure whether it'll ever reach anybody else.  So I've made the decision to filter all that stuff onto here and give myself a new direction.  Do you know, I went to town today and returned empty handed.  For so long I got wrapped up in the constant consumerism of blogging and that's just not somebody I want to be anymore.

I want to concentrate on the little things that make me happy.  The people in my life that make it all worthwhile and the experiences we share together.  I want this blog to be a place with personality, beautiful photos and content that both you, as a reader, and I enjoy.

So from now on, things will be a little different around here.  There will still be the odd skincare/make up/beauty bit that I want to share with you, and you can still visit my YouTube channel for all that stuff too.  Some of the other regular features will still run as well.  But what there definitely will be is a whole lot more honesty.  I've never sugar-coated anything for the sake of my blog, but I haven't always shown the dark moments.  The times when I'm filled with self-doubt, lack of direction and general unhappiness with who I am.  By no means am I going to turn this blog into a morbid place to be but I don't think I'll be reflecting away from that anymore either.

I know I could have just weaved in the odd lifestyle post here and there to make these changes subtly, but I've decided to start as I mean to go on.  I hope you'll embrace these alterations and ultimately I hope it'll lead to a happier me.  Because after all, it's never too late to change the path you're on.

Edit: Since writing this I decided to take the plunge and revamp my blog layout....let me know your thoughts down below!


  1. I really believe a blog should reflect the blogger's life, and should evolve just like our interests, favourite pastimes, and things that make us happy shift and change. So I'm all for change and I look forward to your new content!

  2. The best blogs I read and enjoy are those that are completely true to the person behind them...and you should be proud of yourself for heading down that route!

    PS...Love the new layout :)

  3. I think this is a great idea, I've been enjoying reading your lifestyle posts on your other blog so i'll be happy to see it continue in this space. Completely agree with you on the whole consumerism thing too, I don't often follow beauty or fashion blogs for that exact reason :)

  4. If we're doing honesty, let me pitch in!

    I MUCH prefer reading the beauty opinions of people whose lives I care about! I love being recommended products by bloggers who let their personality shine through. I am really looking forward to this new era! Hurrah!

    (And I know what you mean - it can be really hard not knowing if anyone's going to see/care about your posts!)

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