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I'm not being hugely vain covering people's faces....just mindful that they may not want to make an appearance here!

Although the thought of saying goodbye to friends and family, having that bedroom door close on the first night and being all alone terrifies you, you need to throw yourself into this experience.  A part of you will always regret not being brave and taking that step to move away and start afresh with university.

You chose to stay close to home and commute, and you'll always wonder if the money you saved by having a smaller loan and working your way through higher education was actually worth it.  You spent the first two years rushing back and forth to catch a train and never fully embraced uni life.  The decision to drive in in your third year is one you should have made sooner; it'll give you more time to spend in the library and focus on studies.

Speaking of studies...these have to be the most important thing to you.  Leaving it to the last year is too late.  You should have spent more time researching the courses at different universities, because the teaching style at Surrey just isn't for you.  You need to grab every learning opportunity with both hands - mooting, tutorials, work experience, mock exams and coursework.  You need to say yes to everything and give 110%.

Uni is the perfect opportunity to make solid, lifelong friendships....and you didn't manage it.  9 years on, you regret this more than ever.  When you see photos of the girls together on Facebook and it hits you that you're not there it will leave you feeling sad and full of longing for the chances you've missed.  Jump at every invitation.  Spend less time clinging on to your pre-uni life and social circles; they'll still be there when you finish, and if you make new friends just think of the future happiness it'll bring.  So go for spontaneous nights out at the union, travel across the country to see friends in their family homes and go on girly holidays.  Experiences with friends are what life's about.

Above all, enjoy it.  Don't go through the motions and simply 'endure' uni.  It can be the best time of your life, when you learn to grow and discover who you are.  I'll let you into a secret - you're not where you think you'd be when you finish uni, but make the most of it so that you don't live with regrets.


  1. Loved reading through this! It's written in a very original way also, it's nice to see what advice people would give to themselves. I'm currently 'enduring' uni and will take a few of these pointers into my next year! xx

  2. Loved this and how it was written. I think whatever sort of experience you have at uni you'll always have regrets - at the time it seems like the biggest deal but now, four years after graduating, uni seems like a lifetime ago! x

  3. Great read here! I start Uni next year so am at the open days stage right now, it all seems a bit daunting but hopefully it'll be right up my street eventually.

    Jade x

  4. I loved reading this letter. I am about to start Uni in September, and it all seems incredibly daunting. Hopefully I will be able to throw my self into Uni and making friends! H xx

  5. This is a great post! I'm going next year hopefully so hearing people's experiences is greatat this stage. Some really sound advice here, thankyou :) x

  6. Really great post and interesting to read. I'm about to go into my last year in September and there's already a few things I wish I had known before hand!

    Sophie x


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