6: autumn updates for under £40


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It's officially around the corner, so for autumn this year I'm leaning towards a cleaner palette rather than the usual rich tones I've favoured in the past.  Think soft greys and beiges, with golden accents.

I'm attempting to be more frugal, hence this more "budget" wishlist, and I'm hoping to gradually add theses bits and pieces to my collection.  Top of the list is that Baby Ruby necklace, although I'm torn between its pinky tones and that of it's green counterpart - the Baby Bertha.  And how about those names?!  Too cute.  After that it's the cable knit jumper, which I'm hoping will be lovely and soft in person.

Accessory-wise, I'm in need of a new phone case and really love this Kate Spade-esque one which comes in at a fraction of the designer price.  And I'm not in need of a new notebook, but how can I resist this one?  Bright white (although not for long, in my handbag) with gold writing.  It ticks all the boxes for me.

Finally, this wouldn't be a wishlist from me if I didn't include some form of animal print.  The subtle croc-effect on the bag looks lovely and soft, and I'm imagining that fabulous leopard print number with skinnies and ballet pumps. Perfection.


  1. I love jumper no.1 and I also love those pretty jewels in no.3! Great wishlist xx

    Jessie at All Things Beautiful

  2. love the phone case, kate spade always have lovely ones xx

  3. Uuuuu! I'm crazy about office stuff! Every time I see cute Notebook, pen or glitter pens - I NEED THEM! Seriously, even I have 5 already, I need one or two more.


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