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I like to think I've got wiser over the course of my blogging career.  I started off overthinking every. single. purchase. that I made, before derailing slightly majorly and buying everything mentioned by other bloggers...justifying many purchases as being "to review on my blog".  I'm now at a point where I consider most purchases before making them, and it takes a lot to get me suckered in and buying things for the sake of it.

Let's face it, beauty buying is blimmin' expensive, and I don't know where I sit on the whole "drugstore vs. high end" debate.  You can definitely get some quality gems on the highstreet, but for most, do you get what you pay for?

I've tried my fair share of disappointing 'luxury' products, but I've also discovered lots that really are worth the money.  Here are the pricier items that have made my Guilt-Free Repurchase list...

Apivita 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk - review here.
I'm pretty lazy when it comes to make up removal, and this simple no-need-to-rinse formula slots into my routine perfectly at the end of a long day.  But the main reason why I'd repurchase (despite the fact that it's a pretty good cleanser!) is because it's such good value for money.  I bought this bottle back at the end of November 2013, and despite using it everyday since it's only just gone down to a quarter full.  I initially considered £13 a little pricey for what it was, but considering the use I've got (and still have to go), this is a bargain.

Nuxe Reve De Miel - mentioned here.
So technically this doesn't break the bank, but I'd say £9.50 for a lip balm is the highest I'm willing to go.  I wasn't too sure on the formula of this when I first gave it a whirl, but truthfully, I wouldn't be without it.  I suffer from chapped lips, and in the past, anything that I thought was working would eventually just end up making them worse.  I've been using this most nights for over a year now and this hasn't happened yet.

YSL Glossy Stain
This is another one that I bought about a year ago; it was nearing Christmas time and was the perfect festive shade.  It's a really wearable, low maintenance formula that somehow managed to be suitable for both day and nighttime and didn't look too overdone with a bronze smokey eye.  I love it so much that I convinced three of my friends to purchase as well.  I'd happily buy more and just wish they'd increase their colour range a little more.  A nude would be perfect!

Schwarzkopf Color Freeze shampoo
This purple shampoo isn't really of any use to me at the moment, but I thought I'd throw in a mention for all you blonde haired girls out there!  I was using this on my ombre locks, but it wasn't until I went full-on blonde that this came into its own.  Following my dalliance with pink hair, we bleached it out and despite using the Bleach London white toner I was still left with too much yellow-tinged warmth for my liking.  The shampoo says for blondes to wash it off immediately after applying, but I left it on for about 5 minutes and got the perfect platinum shade.  Whilst I wouldn't say I'd recommended going against the instructions, the general consensus I found on YouTube was that most people had been fine doing this and at the very most had slightly greyish/silver toned locks.  That said, my sister told me they use it in her salon and have had incidences of slightly blue results!  Be warned...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - review here.
Yes, I'm mentioning it again!  After my initial review, this little pot of magic cropped up again in this post so I'll keep it short and sweet here.  You want perfectly defined brows?  You need this.

Urban Decay Chill Make Up Setting Spray - review here.
I use this spray every day to ensure that my make up stays put.  I'm not sure if it's down to this, or better application of foundation, primer, or just better skincare in general...but something's working.  And these bottles last for ages.  I've easily had this one for 10+ months and it's still going strong.

Chanel Bronze Universal
This is a really pricey buy, but I hate to say's justified!  I love using this to subtly warm up my skin and it's a staple in my routine.  Use it all over, or pinpoint areas to contour; this creamy bronzer has no shimmer so it's perfect for either.  I'll hate doing it, but when this runs out I'll definitely have to repurchase.

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  1. I haven't tried any of the YSL glosses...on the wish list!


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