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As I mentioned in my 'Ways to Minimise Stress' post, I've rediscovered my love for visiting the library and have vowed to dedicate the time to reading a book a week.  I'm always discovering new books to read through other people's blogs, so here's my thoughts on the books I've read recently.

The Red  House // Mark Haddon
I devoured Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'  (even reviewing it ages ago here) and although The Red House is completely different, there's still that quirky writing style present.  I gave it a good go, but this was another book this month that just didn't float my boat.  It tells the story of a dysfunctional family on holiday, but the disjointed streams of confidence from the different characters all mixed in together just didn't gel for me.  It was written well, but made reading feel too much like work for my liking.  Another one I gave up on.
Rating: 2/5
Elijah's Mermaid // Essie Fox
Set in the Victorian era, it took me a while to adjust to reading a book with a period tone.  Once I settled into that rhythm though, I was hooked.  Readers looking for something a little out of the ordinary will really enjoy this story with its dark tones and the intertwining lives of the characters.  This was unlike anything I've read before, and I'm looking forward to tracking down more of Fox's books.
Rating: 4/5
The Confusion of Karen Carpenter // Jonathan Harvey
If you've read any of Harvey's books, you won't be disappointed by this.  It's witty and enjoyable chick lit, but also successfully tackles the delicate issue of mental illness.  Harvey, yet again, writes from the viewpoint of a woman surprisingly well, and this book is my favourite of his work that I've read.
Rating: 4/5
Adverbs // Daniel Handler
In theory, this is a really interesting book.  It's a collection of short, non-conventional love stories, showcasing the many different faces that love can have.  I really didn't enjoy it.  Reviews promised stunning writing; I didn't see that, I just didn't get it.  After two stories I gave up.  For a long time that was something I would never do, but I've realised that life is just too damn short for boring books.
 Rating: 1/5

Which books should I check out next?

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  1. The Confusion of Karen Carpenter sounds like a great read, will definitely add it to my list x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


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