Things to try and achieve this week:


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// Knuckle down and stamp out the bad eating habits I've picked up.
// Finish the book I'm currently reading.
// Get out of the jeans + t-shirt rut I've been in and start jazzing up outfits a little more.
// Focus on the bigger picture.
// Live in the moment.
// Get my new lipliner + lipstick routine down pat.
// Go to 5 classes in the gym.
// Leave the stresses of work at work.
// Look after my skin a little more.
// Open myself up to inspiration again.


  1. I've literally place a mental tick after each one...there must be something in the air..;)

  2. Great things to achieve :) I need to do something like this to keep me motivated as well!

    Sophie x

  3. Great list. I've done something similar, but looked back at my small successes for the week. I'm totally with you on the better eating habits (always firmly on the list), but I'll leave the five workouts for the week to you!


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