An autumnal mini-wishlist


Remember a time when my wishlists were of epic proportions?  Well no more, my friends!

Shopping is no longer a weekend-ly ritual.  In fact, I ventured into my local Topshop this weekend and stood, struck by how much I didn't want to buy anything.  Life is cluttered enough as it is, without my wardrobe being equally as overflowing!

That said, there are certain things I just can't say no to.  Like a new (p)leather jacket.  I don't think I've updated my jacket stash in at least 18 months and I fell in love with this buttery soft Zara offering.  Listed above is its Sheinside equivalent.  I'm torn - it's £35 cheaper, but will it be as soft??

With a £25 Whistles voucher burning a hole in my pocket, this lilac Rivington Chain Pouch is looking more and more like a possibility.  £50 is still expensive, but I'm telling myself it'll be an investment and fit in with the sleeker, more minimalistic wardrobe I'm trying to cultivate.

I have three pairs of taupe ankle boots sitting upstairs, but none of them are peep toe with cut-out ankle detail.  As I write that I realise how impractical and unnecessary they are for the upcoming 6 months of winter that we're bound to have, but look how pretty these ones from Miss Guided are!  I hate the inevitable stains that these sorts of boots get, so for now I think they'll stay as something to lust after.

To finish, something much less expensive and a whole lot more guilt-free... a lipstick!  I already own a L'Oreal Collection Privee nude lipstick and love its smooth parma violet-scented formula.  The release of a reds collection has got me all excited, and I think that when I do finally get round to buying one I'll step away from the norm and go for a pink-toned red instead.  Orangey-reds are usually my thing, but I'm intrigued to see how Julianne's Pure Red will look in real life.

Is there anything on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, I would never have thought that they were from Miss Guided.

    Shannon at

  2. Ooh such great picks. That bag is amazing - I need it! Definitely get it with your voucher - would be great for summer and winter. A pair of pointed black ankle bootd are definitely on my wishlist at the moment, a long with about 100 other things haha x
    Julia in Disguise| UK Fashion Blog

  3. Oooh I love the bag, it's a lovely colour.
    I'm after a new leather look jacket, that zara one is really lovely and the cheaper version is really nice too!


  4. Did you know I have those boots? Love them!

  5. That Whistles clutch is stunning. Such a beautiful winter shade xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  6. Ebay and vinted have some amazing pleather jackets as well


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