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This weekend was one of those 'good for the soul'-type ones.  I've struggled with not feeling much like myself lately; worrying about what it meant and how I'd overcome it.  But I realised the other day that I've not felt sad for a (relatively) long time, and as I type this with the sun shining and clouds rolling gently across the blue sky I feel like things are looking up.

One thing I've learnt lately is that it pays to be honest.  I can write post after post about skincare, and while this interests me, it's the post in which I've laid my soul bare (to a degree) that seems to get you guys reading.  And do you know, that's a good feeling.  We bloggers would be lying if we said we didn't get enjoyment from seeing people leave comments, but it's the fact that you chose to leave me words of encouragement on those harder to write posts that makes me truly appreciative.  That's when I needed it most, and that's when the blogging community closed ranks and offered its support....which is exactly what I love about it.

That in part is why I'm feeling more positive about blogging, and thus more positive in general.  I de-cluttered my desk, did some serious organising and for the first time in ages sat down to write properly.  It felt productive and it felt good.

I've also been tackling my bad eating habits.  I wouldn't say I'm managing to eat clean just yet, but with the help of the MyFitnessPal app and some of my besties I'm feeling much more motivated.  I feel like when I was low I just couldn't find it in me to control my eating and make sensible choices.  I know it's easy to point the finger and find reasons for eating all. of. the. chocolate (I wish I was joking!) but it really did feel like a downward spiral with no way out.  I've lost a bit of weight though, so fingers crossed I'm back on track.

Here's to good days....let's hope there's plenty more of them.


  1. Hey :) it's great that you are feeling better now! Feeling myself? Hmm I think a person is always struggling to find that out - who am I and what I really want and it's kind of an endlessly continuing process. But as you've said it's nice to take some time out and figure out your goals (motivation, writing, fitness, eating clean - being healthy...etc). I love this quote, because it relieves me prom the pressure that it's bad to feel sad and low sometimes ''That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt." -- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars - it is normal to give things a deep thought and all of that thinking sometimes leads to headache and confusion...imagine how great philosophers felt haha :D
    Best wishes and sorry for the long ramble. One last thing, you are 1000 right that it's nice to put out there posts like this although you love cosmetics, the human-personality aspect of the blog is what makes it so attractive to readers, products are all the same.

  2. What a nice post to read Lorna. Like you said, I love the honest posts like these from bloggers and (at a point where my free time for reading and commenting on blog posts seems to get less and less) they're the ones that actually stay with me afterwards and make me want to comment. I'm glad you're feeling on the up and feeling a bit more control over things. If you ever want to chat then I'm just a tweet away (as I'm sure lots of lovely blogging girls are) xxx
    p.s. Love the photo, you look amazing. And happy!

  3. So lovely to see that face of yours. I think it's incredibly easy for us girls at this age to get a bit down about pretty much everything (yep, I've even been to crying that my favourite ice cream wasn't in the freezer.. why life why?!), and it's so easy to compare our lives to others.
    Girl you are fabulous, and with the help of those pretty awesome friends of yours (that hugely helps) you'll be dancing in the rain in no time (well, maybe not..). Sending you lots of love and positive vibes beautiful lady xx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this. I think we can all relate in some way. I've definitely fallen into the habit of spending too much time sat on the sofa loading up on sweet treats lately - thinking about how I plan to eat better/exercise more etc etc... Blogging is such a nice outlet though and like you say, every little comment, especially the supportive ones really help to perk you up.

    Every positive step taken, no matter how small, is one in the right direction though. I think that's the most important thing to remember :)


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