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Our hallway is very much a work in progress.  Or should that be work waiting to go into progress?  We've got dark wooden laminate (still) waiting to go down, and once that's done the green-carpeted stairs will definitely need addressing.

I've always liked the look of stair runners, but after a little bit of research online I'm beginning to wonder whether it could *actually* be a viable option?  I'm sure Mum will read this and tell me 'no', but in the meantime it's nice to look, right?

As you can see, grey is very much the tone I'm drawn to.  Our walls are painted in a beautiful grey hue, and the white with grey in the top pic could very well be a possibility.  Or there are the jazzier options; the graphic printed carpet, or the chevrons.

And as for texture, do I go for a carpet or perhaps find out the state of the stairs themselves and see whether I can just paint them?  The grey on the bottom right is obviously painted, but I was surprised to learn that the chevrons were also done with paint!  I hate hoovering the stairs, so having paint could save me a horrible job!

There are a few tutorials on pinterest for stair runner DIYs, so watch this space! 

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