September 2014's Memory: Spending no money


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 Long story short?  We failed.

Hold on before you all tut in disgust though, let me tell you what I bought this month.  The challenge was to not buy any treats, and judging on my track record, I'd say I succeeded!  Well, mostly.  I bought a couple of postcards and frames (costing around £10 in total) and two books.  I was doing so well, until we went to a beauty convention where Nail Envy was on sale for around £9.....mine ran out ages ago and I've been in desperate need of a replacement, so it made good sense to buy it while it was cheap.  Oh, and I snuck in another colour too.  But O.P.I at £6 is too good to pass up!  But when you consider I'm usually a make up and clothes fiend, I'd say it's pretty good going.

My spending habits need a drastic overhaul, and this month has helped boost me when it comes to this.  I've become much more critical when it comes to shopping, and although there are lots of things on my wishlist I've realised that I don't need to buy everything I want there and then.

So in terms of the memory, what did we do?  Well, we took a few trips here and there.  I spent nothing, and Zara spent lots.  Yeah, turns out she was worse than me for once!  I'd really like to try this challenge again in the future as it seems this month was just one of those times when lots of opportunities crop up and it would actually be detrimental finance-wise not to take them up.

Now I just need to convince Zara to step away from the debit card for another month....


  1. You did's the thought that costs after all!! ;)

  2. I'd say you did well - I mean, you can't resist a bargain and you were probably being more sensible buying it at a cheaper price now than the more expensive price later!

    Emma |


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