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- I've been vaguely familiar with Zoe for a while now, but I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you I've become a little obsessed lately.  She nails a smokey eye and has some seriously awesome hair.  We're verging into girl crush territory with this one...
- I do enjoy a little DIY, and this colour block vase one is right up my street.  I love collecting odd bottles and jars, so a selection of these would fit right in.  I've already begun storing up glass bottles in preparation - if you know where to look online for some cheap offerings then please let me know!

- My hair had been floundering at that in-between stage for a while now.  To grow out, or not to grow out?  To fringe or not?  Estee came to the rescue, and after showing my sister a photo of her haircut for inspiration, this styling video couldn't have come at a better time.
- Emma's channel was a discovery made over recent months, and has become a firm favourite.  Her set up is slick, videos are always on point and uploads are consistent.  She's one of those YouTubers that you just instantly like and enjoy watching.

- After a few months of not treating myself, asos lured me back with the offer of a 20% off code.  This bag is currently en route to my sticky mitts...and do I feel guilty?  Not one bit.
- Speaking of bags, I've got my eye on this one.  I tried it on in store and talked myself out of it, and now I'm kicking myself a bit.  Everytime I see Suzie wearing hers I wish I'd just bought the damn thing!

- I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and started watching Game Of Thrones.  Nick's seen them all already, but it's nice to sit together watching something that we both enjoy, and this website's been a Godsend for keeping up with who's who!
- I never thought I'd say this, but I've been spending an awful lot of my time looking on Auto Trader.  My car's finance ends in February so I'm in the market for a new was fun while it lasted, but I think I need to start choosing cars with back seats people can comfortably fit in.  At the moment I'm leaning towards a Fiat 500 (another thing I never thought I'd say) or an Alfa Romeo Mito.  Throw in your thoughts down below, are there any other cars I should check out?!


  1. The Alfa Mito is a super car! We were actually going to get one at one point. The Audi A1 is fun too!

  2. I reading love posts like these, asos lured me in with the 20% off code too! <3

  3. Love this. And your blog. New follower, found you from Rebecca.

  4. cute little post :)


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