Five ways: to stop overspending


I've been on a bit of a journey recently to rein in my spendings; it's taken me a couple of months to get into a routine...but I think I've cracked it.  Here are the five main ways I've retrained myself to put a stop to my shopaholic tendancies:

1 // If an impulse purchase catches your eye, go away and consider whether you really need it.  Set yourself a time limit, and if you still really want it after waiting a couple of weeks then you're good to get spending.

2 // Consider shopping at lower end shops.  I used to be a food shopping snob....not because I had anything against Lidl or Aldi, but because I just didn't 'get' them.  You need to go in and have a good look around, what's on offer and where it's all situated, but once you get in the swing of things shopping on a budget can be quite fun.  I've managed to halve my weekly food bill, so it's definitely worth a try!

3 // If there's a 'bigger' purchase you've got your eye on (the type that would have made you think twice before you went and bought it anyway) consider whether you can hold out and ask for it as a Christmas/birthday/anniversary pressie.  I've been lusting after a jacket in Zara for months, but I know I'll appreciate it much more if I wait until Christmas.

4 // Take out a cash allowance for treats each month or set yourself a weekly budget.  I find the challenge can be fun, and any money left over can either roll on to the following week/month or go into a savings fund for a bigger treat.  If you've only got a £20 treat fund, it certainly makes you think twice about that cheeky Starbucks!

5 // Leanne came up with this next one.....instead of blowing your wages as soon as you get paid, wait until the end of the month so you can spend relatively guilt-free and not have to face weeks of trying to live on what little is left in your bank account.

Honestly, since taking stock rather than mindlessly spending I just don't get the urge to splurge anymore.  I'm not sure when the last time I bought new clothes was, and today I managed to put my basket down and walk out of Boots empty-handed.  And there's a 3 for 2 offer across all make up on!!

And here's one last thought to put things in may be short, but a month with no money is long.  Don't buy the shoes!


  1. Love this post! Really has me thinking about all the things I really don't need to buy, like the cookie jar I just blogged about. These tips are what I definitely need to keep in mind when I walk into Target or Sephora!

  2. really good ideas... but did you say 2 for 1 across all makeup!?


  3. these are all so clever!! i'll need to def. remember these next time i'm out and some shiny thing catches my eye! ;)

  4. You've just made my no spending challenge so much easier! Since going freelance i've had to really watch where my money goes, but I was still a little bit frivolous with it. Since my last invoice came I'm in determined to spend less, I keep on trying to tell myself i'd rather spend the money on nice days out/ trips away rather than beauty products I don't need and clothes...after all memories last a life time! x


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