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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry // Rachel Joyce
This is a tale of a man who goes out to post a letter, then keeps on walking.  Covering 627 miles in 87 days, Harold Fry (and the wife he leaves at home) go through somewhat of an epiphany and rediscover themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I felt like it reminded me to look at the world through positive, more appreciative eyes.  There were a few points towards the end where things got a little slow but that doesn't detract from what a delightful read this was.  I spotted a spin-off book in Waterstones today, featuring the important yet mysterious character of Queenie Hennessey and I can't wait to read it!
Rating: 4/5

The Outline of Love // Morgan McCarthy
This was a book I'd been drawn to many times in the library, and finally took it out.  It's strange.  Having been an 18 year old girl at uni, I was surprised by how unable I was to relate to the main character.  Her uni friends seemed more real to me, but then perhaps that was the point.  Without giving too much away, I struggled to believe that a male author could be a celebrity and figure of general lust, and I just didn't understand the friendships forged with the older characters.  I felt like it was a book that took itself too seriously but am aware that this could have been because it was written in the first person and this could have just been a reflection of the main character herself.  In summary, the book got exciting 30 pages from the end and this lasted for just two pages.  It's a shocking twist, but one that I predicted the instant it was introduced; incidentally on the first out of the two exciting pages.  This wasn't for me.
Rating: 3/5

Instructions for Living Somebody Else's Life // Mil Millington
I don't want you to think I'm a person who gives up on books willynilly.  I'm not.  But as I've been rediscovering to love reading more I've realised that there are so many books and so little time.  So why waste it on books that really aren't a pleasure to read?  I got half way through this book when it registered that I was all too aware of the page number I was on, and that I was counting down to the end.  Nu-uh.  Time to change books.
Anyway, this book looked to be a pertinent one for the way I'm feeling now.  The main character, Chris, goes to bed at 25 and wakes up in his mid-40s with no recollection of the past 18 or so years.  An interesting storyline with impressive reviews on the back cover.  It felt a little like 90s Brit-comedy though, and was written very much in a 'blokey' style.  That, coupled with how slow it was for any real action to kick in (by halfway I still felt nothing had happened) meant I really couldn't face continuing with this book.
Rating: 1/5

The Husband's Secret // Liane Moriarty
This is a story of intertwining lives which, at first, I found it quite hard to keep up with.  The characters, however, soon slot into place alongside one another and it's much easier to follow.  Cecilia Fitzpatrick discovers a letter written by her husband only to be opened in the event of his death.  He's very much alive though, and seeing how desperate he is for her not to read it only fuels her desire to discover his secret even more.  She opens the letter and life is never the same.  I won't give much more away, but I really enjoyed reading about the characters' parallel lives and the way that one act can impact upon so many.  It's a story of love, loss, family and rediscovery which I'd recommend to anyone looking for chick-lit with a bit more bite.
Rating: 4/5


  1. I loved the unlikely pilgrimage and I have asked for the new book for christmas

  2. Great post. Weirdly enough, I LIKE reading negative reviews - life's too short for bad books! Matt Haig wrote a great article about this on the Waterstones website ( I will, however, give the Joyce book a try!

    Sarah Jess

  3. I've never read any of these books, defnitely going to add them to my amazon wishlist! // UK Fashion Blog

  4. I'm a terrible reader (maybe it's down to the fact I'm too easily distracted), but this post has me almost itching to pick up a book now. xx


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