A Trip to Winchester


Last weekend I managed to tick a fair few bits off my December bucket list, including a trip to Winchester Christmas Market.  In truth, it was just too busy for us, but wow, what a beautiful city!  I was swept away by the beautiful architecture and found myself really wanting to find out more about its history.  Even Nick was impressed!

After shuffling the circuit around the ice rink, we couldn't face fighting the crowds to get to any more of the little huts.  And sadly, it was far too busy for any more photos than this....but on a side note, check out that blue sky!  It was the perfect mix of crisp, cold air with bright winter sun.....plus the perfect opportunity to wear my new winter hat!

Lunch followed, then we popped in to a few shops on the way back to the car.  I'm pleased to say I finally managed to track down Essie's Summit of Style and bring it home with me!  And whilst we weren't bowled over by the shops on offer, it was really nice to have a day out somewhere new and spend some quality time together.  We've both agreed that Winchester is a place we'll definitely be visiting in the future - on my part, if only to take more photos of the exquisite buildings.  Fingers crossed it'll be less busy next time round!


  1. love your photos :)

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  2. Sounds like a lovely day out! I love christmas markets, they always put me in such a good mood!xx

  3. It's a shame that it was too busy for you, places are getting so busy now Christmas is on its way! The photos look lovely though!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

  4. I love Winchester! It's so pretty.

  5. This post really makes me miss England at Christmas time, especially the Christmas market in Bath! Winchester looks lovely!

    Laura | Breton & Blush


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