December Bucket List


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1 // Make these biscuits
2 // Visit Winchester Christmas Market
3 // Bring the duvet downstairs and have a Christmas Movie Night
4 // Try the Costa brownie hot chocolate
5 // Decorate the tree
6 // Read Life After Life
7 // Use Lush's Cinders in a bath on Christmas Eve
8 // Eat Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Christmas Day
9 // Take a festive trip to Norwich
10 // Go ice skating on an outdoor ice rink
11 // Wrap up warm for a late night walk with Nick
12 // Eat as many roast potatoes as possible
13 // Go for dinner with friends
14 // Decide on a New Year's Resolution
15 // Go out for cocktails


  1. Top marks for number 12!! )

  2. Bringing the duvet downstairs is always so perfect, guaranteed to have a cosy night! xx

  3. Those biscuits look delicious! I'm definitely planning on doing a lot of christmas baking during the holidays x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I hope you're able to do all of these things!
    Rubi | The Den

  5. I love love love this list. The Winchester Christmas markets are so festive and lovely <3


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