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If asked, I would never have said I'm an interiors person, but one look at my pinterest boards would say otherwise.  One of my most used boards and favourite things to pin is interiors and you can pretty much guarantee that I'll find something new and home-y to pin on a daily basis.

As a broad summary, I'm obsessed with clean monochrome, exposed floorboards, copper detailing, gallery walls and looking at studies and desks in general.  I'd say 99% of my interiors pins centre around a desk in some way and I'm always looking at ways to design the perfect calming space to help get me in the blogging zone.

Lighting has been catching my eye lately (perhaps it's down to the age old blogger problem of low levels of light at this time of year) and I really want to invest in some sort of industrial-style desk lamp.  The ultimate dream would be a room dedicated to blogging, with a big white desk and skylights to flood the space with natural light.  With monochrome roof blinds, of course!

Perhaps more attainable, would be smaller-scale decor updates.  Gilded is my trimming of choice and I'm obsessed with anything copper.  H&M do some gorgeous copper wire baskets that would be lovely for storing magazines or letters and copper candle holders are pretty easy to find at this time of year.  Think metallic details paired with bold black lines against a clean white background and you've pretty got my ideal.  In fact, I've got the basics already so I think in the new year I'll have to invest in some copper-toned updates!

What's your favourite room to decorate?

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  1. Gorgeous interiors, I love a monochrome interior with a touch of copper H xx


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