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I've sat down to blog and been struck with the urge to just catch up.  It feels like ages since I've sat down and just are you all?

Let's start with the big BF.  Black Friday; hands up who took advantage of the discounts?  I don't remember it ever being such a big deal before now, and while I'm never going to be one queuing up in mad crowds just to get the bargains, I certainly did a little a lot of shopping online.  Saving 20% here and there all adds up, and I'm pleased to say that, with the exception of Nick, all my Christmas shopping is done!  I was also struck with the urge to get the Christmas tree up on Sunday, but I'm refraining until the first weekend of December.  Tell me, when do you get your trees up?

The last two weekends have been the relaxing types, spent with family and friends.  Two trips to Guildford have occurred (where a new love for Anthropologie has blossomed), as well as a family lunch, trip to the garden centre (the best place to go and start feeling festive!), watching Game of Thrones and catching up on sleep.  Next weekend we're off to a Christmas market and will be eating our first Christmas dinner of the year.  Sometimes I feel like I've wasted my weekends sitting on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me (I can't be the only one who thinks this?!), but I love this time of year when every weekend is filled to the max with activities and time well spent.

So this week should be an exciting one!  With dinner and tree-decorating to look forward to, not to mention being able to light my Christmas Memories candle now that it's finally December....what do you have planned?


  1. We put our tree up on Saturday as we're massively keen! I didn't do much shopping online if I'm honest. I went to Kingston on Saturday and tried to sort loads of it there - I'm one of these people who likes to see the product before I buy it! ;)

  2. Hahah I do spend quite a few weekends holed up with Come Dine With Me, I think that is essential for a recharge!! But I do love getting out and about as well. My tree has been up for a week (eek) but I am just a little over enthusiastic about Christmas. I didn't buy much for BF but I really should have! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I'm loving all the Christmas decorations - for the first time I don't feel like it's all too early! x

  4. Theres an Anthropologie in Guildford?! I am so excited for Christmas and can't wait to go home from uni to see my friends and family :)

    Sophie x


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