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 - Maybe it's the 'New Year, New Me' effect, but Into Mind has touched on a few aspects of life that I want to explore this year.  It's a little dramatic, but at times I do think I've been a bit of a slave to consumerism and I don't like it.  I buckled under the general stresses of life a fair few times last year, so a blog promoting a clutter-free way of thinking and living, ultimately leading to less stress, can only be a good thing in my eyes.
- A similar blog that I've been enjoying is Un-Fancy, featuring daily outfit posts from Caroline's 37-piece wardrobe.  Whilst there's no way I'd ever manage to cut down to just 37 items, this blog has got me all fired up to be ruthless and streamline my wardrobe.  Having a fairly casual dress code at work, there was a time when I'd be fairly creative with fashion - now I find myself wearing the same combinations on repeat.  And you know what?  That's fine with me, and I'm realising that I really don't need half the stuff on my shelves.

I've subscribed to loads of new channels lately, but one that really stands out is Stephanie Toms.  For starters she's got that bold brows/brunette hair combo that I'm always down for, but she also consistently creates videos that are great quality.  If you're after favourites, tags, hauls or reviews you'll love it.
- The Vintage Vision has been another favourite.  I love Georgia's style in general, but I particularly love the eBay dupes series.  Again, if you're after all things beauty you should head here!

 - In keeping with my whole minimalist vibe, I haven't actually done that much shopping lately.  I received a Monica Vinader ring for Christmas and bought one in the sale, but they both had to go back to be resized.  So whilst I'm awaiting their return, I've had a great time stacking virtual rings to create my perfect combination!
- One thing I am considering adding to my hopefully much smaller wardrobe this year is flared jeans.  Yes I did just say that.  I'm still not sold even though I've seen a few bloggers rocking them in a seriously fabulous way.  Gut feeling is that they'll be a more flattering fit on me than skinnies, but I'm just not sure if I'm fully on board yet!

- This month has been the month I've gone instagram-crazy and found lots of new accounts to follow.  In particular, Anine Bing...owner of some pretty good hair, gorgeous simple jewellery and legs to die for.
- And while I'm on the topic of good hair (seriously, when am I not?), can we all take a minute to appreciate Sienna Miller's 'do?  She looks so good and I'm 100% jealous.  If anyone can tell me how to get that wavy but not quite curls look I'd be forever grateful!

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