December Bucket List: How did I do?


Way back before the excitement of Christmas and New Years, I put up a December bucket list.  It was full of little goals for the month and it was actually quite fun to look back on it periodically and add some structure to the otherwise crazy month that is December.  So what did I manage to achieve this past month?

Make these biscuits // check!
I made these the week before Christmas with Ella.  We just decorated rich tea biscuits in the end, but she had fun sticking the marshmallows on.

Visit Winchester Christmas Market // check!
Nick and I took a trip to Winchester at the beginning of the month, and whilst the market was a little too crowded for our liking we had a really nice day out.

Bring the duvet downstairs and have a Christmas Movie Night // check!
My sister Zara came over the week of Christmas to watch The Holiday.  Undoubtedly one of the best Christmas films, made better with takeaway, chocolate and a huge duvet.

Try the Costa Brownie Hot Chocolate // check!
I managed to squeeze this in towards the end of the month during a sales shopping trip and man, was it good!

Decorate the tree // check!
This year's tree was better than ever with double the lights, a proper tree topper (unlike last year!) and the multiple expensive baubles purchased during our October trip to London. 

Read Life After Life //
I started this book but haven't got into it yet.  It's a Sliding Doors-type affair, telling the story of parallel lives, but I just haven't found my stride with how it's written yet.  Will revisit this goal!

Use Lush Cinder's Bath Bomb on Christmas Eve // check!
I was so disappointed with this one.  It didn't crackle, didn't fizz, just left me with very yellow bath water which looked suspiciously like I'd had an accident.

Eat Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Christmas Day // check!
This is becoming a yearly tradition; we drove over to Mum's house first thing in our pyjamas for my favourite breakfast.

Take a festive trip to Norwich // check!
We tend to go back to visit Nick's family either just before Christmas or at New Year's, so this year we went on Boxing Day and it was really nice to see everyone while they were in the Christmas spirit.  Fitting a 10 stone dog in the back of a Toyota iQ was fun too!

Go ice skating on an outdoor ice rink //
Perhaps I was a little ambitious with this one; if you read my Making Memories post from March you'll know that ice skating isn't my forte!  Plus the only outdoor rink I've come across was at the Christmas market and that was way too busy.

Wrap up warm for a late night walk with Nick //
Another one we didn't manage, but there'll be plenty more cold nights in January to give this one a go!

Eat as many roast potatoes as possible // check!
I managed five Christmas dinners, all with roast potatoes, so it's fair to say I achieved this one!

Go for dinner with friends // check!
We didn't actually go out for dinner, but we had a mini Christmas party round a friend's house complete with party food, crackers, Secret Santa and board games.

Decide on a New Year's Resolution // check!
I've realised that choosing a big resolution is only setting myself up for failure, so this year I've picked a few smaller goals to focus on. Check out this post to see what I went with!

Go out for cocktails //
I didn't manage this and I'm really disappointed.  It was a friend's birthday at the beginning of the month and everyone went out for cocktails - I've pretty much been ill for the whole of the month though and had to give it a miss.  Gutted!

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