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I've always been a bit of a spendaholic.  In the words of Macklemore, if they had a broken keyboard, I'd buy the broken keyboard.  If I think I'm getting a bargain, you can sell pretty much anything to me.  But last year I took on a fairly big financial commitment (more on that in another post!) and something had to give.

There's been trials and tribulations, but I actually think I've got this being sensible with money thing down pat.  So if you find reigning your spending habits in a bit daunting, here are my top tips for a detox.

Go cold turkey
I know, I know...this sounds really extreme.  But trust me, not letting yourself buy anything for a little while will really help you to refocus.  I was forever falling into the trap of allowing myself little treats during the month, but spending a little only fuels the need to spend more.  Just try living like you're on the brink of going overdrawn (or bankrupt...whatever works!) and see if you find yourself wanting to shop less.

Remove yourself from temptation
I have three tips here: don't window shop (why torture yourself?), unsubscribe from those mailing lists (an asos 20% off code will inevitably end to an unnecessary splurge) and stop watching Primark hauls.  You don't need any of it!!

Shop online
There are times when you just have to spend.  Birthdays, for example.  There's no getting out of the fact that presents will have to be bought, but on these occasions spend smart.  Look around for discounts that will make your money go further; there are lots of websites that will scour the web and compile these codes for you

Use up empties/shop your stash
Repurchasing necessities is, of course, allowed.  But do you really need another body butter when you have 3 others sitting in your stash?  The answer is no.  Use up what you've got before heading down to Boots.  Because, let's face it, there'll only be some sort of 3 for 2 deal on that you'll just *have* to take advantage of.

Have a wardrobe re-shuffle
I'm aiming for a streamlined wardrobe this year, and the first step will be having a clear out of any unloved clothes.  I feel like once I've decluttered, I'm always much more hesitant to start filling it all up again.  Plus selling on anything still in good condition is a good way to put money back into your bank account....just don't go spending it all!  Alternatively, why not consider getting your friends around to do a bit of shwapping?

Set reminders
We've all been there.  There's always that purchase that you just *need*, so set a reminder on your phone and wait a couple of weeks to see if you still want it.  Anticipation is always better than reality, and I bet that 8 times out of 10 you'll find that you didn't want it as much as you thought you did.

Spending wisely is an ongoing journey for me, so I'd love to know your tips for a healthy bank balance.  They'll come in handy when I'm on the brink of falling off the wagon!


  1. Unsubscribing from shopping emails has really helped! Then I don't feel like I'm missing out everytime I have to delete them. Great post!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. Really liked this post! I decluttered my wardrobe (out of force not choice!) when I moved here to Hong Kong but I do genuinely find it hard to stock it back up with clutter after having painstakingly edited it down. I also set myself reminders of when to buy/consider new beauty products (let's face it, they're the most expensive and usually unnecessary) and find that when my alarm goes off, I'm too embarrassed by the fact I had to set an alarm to go and buy ;) I'll def be trying out some of your other tips! xx

  3. Greta tips, I really enjoyed this post :) Due to changing commitments I am about to have less disposable income on a monthly basis so I am going to really try to cut back on those little purchases here and there that I just don't need. It fits in with the general de-cluttering that I set myself as a task for 2015. I just seem to have so much 'stuff'! I don't need or want it all so am down-sizing. A stream-lined wardrobe is also something I'm aiming for but it might be baby steps with that one. Let me know how you get on! xx

  4. I definitely agree with unsubscribing / deleting emails from online stores. So much less temptation! x

  5. I used to watch primark hauls all the time! I've found I definitely don't buy as much now I've stopped watching them!
    I tend to ask for smellies for birthdays and Christmas so I've always got some luxury stuff to shop from my stash - I rarely buy any now!
    Jen x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes


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