Mini Lush Haul


I've never been one of those girls to go in and drop a wad of cash in Lush.  There are a few staples that I love, but otherwise I only indulge as a treat.  So with a voucher from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket, I was eager to get down there and start browsing.  Here's what I bought...

Full of Grace Serum Bar // buy here
This is a solid serum bar that I'd never heard of before despite it receiving 5* reviews on the website and apparently being a best seller.  I find it a little hard to use; having chronically cold hands means that warming this up isn't so easy to do, but a layer of this before my nighttime cream really helps everything soak in and benefit my skin.  It's early days with this one, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

Big Sea Salt Shampoo // buy here
This was a naughty repurchase....I bought it, loved it and reviewed it a couple of years ago but after learning about the stripping effects of SLS (from what I understand, basically like detergent for your hair) I stopped using it.  The smell is *too* good pass up though, and I figure using it once in a while can't be that bad....right?

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask // buy here
In the past, Oatifix has been my fresh face mask of choice but I fancied a change.  I'd heard good things about the revitalising effects of Brazened Honey and despite its somewhat questionable colour, I really like it.  It's easier to use than Oatifix; drying quicker on the skin and is a much smoother consistency.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub // buy here
This is my HG exfoliator, which I've reviewed here.  Lush have recently added a self-preserving formula to the range, which in my opinion is slightly more slushy and doesn't smell the same.  The sales assistant told me that the self-preserving version includes mango butter, which could explain the change in scent.  There's also an alcohol-free option, so while it's good to know there's an option for everybody I'll be sticking to the original (and best!)

American Cream // buy here
So this conditioner has snuck into this haul, when technically it was a Christmas present.  Either way it's a firm favourite.  I first bought a bottle waaaay back when I was 18, so having it back in my life is a real trip down memory lane.  It's a bit pricey for conditioner, but smells of everything I like.  Think sweet, delicious milkshake and you're almost there....the perfect partner for Big shampoo.

Buying in bulk from Lush is a real treat which I doubt will happen all that often.  The good thing about so many purchases though?  I'm well on my way to having 5 empties to take back and get a free face mask!


  1. I'm the same with Big. I know SLS is bad but I love the way it makes my hair look and the smell reminds me of being younger!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. I could do with giving the sea salt shampoo a try!

  3. I haven't used BIG in ages but used to love it as it really gave my hair nice volume. I haven't used a lot of Lush in a while, for a number of reasons, but my boyfriend bought me a gift for my birthday in October and Ocean Salt was in it, I'm enjoying it when I think to use it. I do love Brazened Honey, it was one of my big go tos when I did visit Lush regularly

  4. I ADORE ocean salt! So good, also one of my holy grail products.


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