6 years


Despite it being our anniversary, Nick and I have never been ones to celebrate Valentine's Day.  But this year being our sixth together, we decided to do something a little bit different and spend the day at Woburn Safari Park.  Nick's a real animal lover and I'm down for visiting anywhere that has lemurs.....plus the fact that I've never been to a safari park meant this was the perfect place for us.

The weather was a little dreary but there was still lots to see.  You drive through roughly half of the park, seeing the bigger animals, and then go on foot safari for the rest.  Being able to get close to the animals from the warmth of your own car was a bonus, and I particularly enjoyed the monkey enclosure.  I've recently got a new car so we actually took Nick's van....luckily, because one of them decided to run up the bonnet and sit on the roof!

The foot safari wasn't as good, although getting up close and personal with the lemurs made my day. Nick was a little disappointed to have missed the parrot display, but we managed to see a talk about birds of prey which was really interesting.

All in all, a grand day out!  We've done a few zoos together, and this was one of the best in terms of the price and the experience you're getting.  We'll be going back in the summer to take Ella and Dylan, for sure!


  1. How cute, the pictures are lovely.

  2. Looks like a lovely day out and I love your outfit here! Where's the scarf from?

    1. It's from Mango. Super soft and snuggly, my new favourite!

  3. I love safari parks! Everywhere I go I like to visit a safari park or a zoo and it's even better when you can see the animals up close. It is always a good idea to leave your best car at home, monkeys are always tearing wing mirrors and aerials off cars.


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