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H&M leather belt
I've owned this belt for ages but I've been getting some serious use out of it since Christmas.  The gold detail adds just enough without being OTT bling.  In fact, I'd call this the perfect minimalist belt, and with a jumper or tee resting nonchalantly on top of it, it's my ideal outfit.

Skagen watch
I love the unisex (ok, it's a man's watch but I'm still wearing it!) style of this and it's just enough to smarten up an outfit.  I've recently dabbled in mixing metals, so this watch is perfect for me; I love that I can wear it with either silver or gold, and it'll go perfectly with either.

Office wedge trainers
Another thing in my wardrobe that I've owned for ages, but these are absolute staples.  I'm not sure whether wedge trainers are still *in* (I suspect not!), but these are perfect for making an outfit a little less casual.  They also add the perfect amount of length to my legs without being painful to walk in.  Winning!

Asos cosmic watch
Ok, another watch.  I'm aware I can't wear both at once, but this is perfect for when I want something a little more casual and fun for an outfit.  The simplistic strap makes it unassuming, but up close it's got a really interesting face and is a real conversation starter.

Mango black jumper
You can't go wrong with a basic black jumper, and this silk and cashmere mix one is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.  It has crossover detail at the back for added interest and goes with just about anything.

UNIQLO jeans
I got sent these back in summer, but they've overtaken Leighs as my favourite jeans.  Maybe it's because I'm carrying a little more weight at the moment, but they have the perfect amount of stretch to make them comfortable to wear.  They're a nice blue wash, and sit at just the right place on my hips to pair with the H&M belt.

And I think we can take it from my picks that I'm really embracing a minimalistic approach to my style lately!  What are your current wardrobe favourites?


  1. I'm in the process of trying to update my wardrobe and I love these things. The jumper looks great- Mango things come up too short on me now. And I love the trainer wedges, I never bought a pair and wonder if that's a mistake and I should find some.

  2. Love the crossover back of that jumper.
    Rubi | The Den |

  3. I am totally with you on the minimalistic trend, not only does it look good but it actually means less time getting ready in the morning! I really like the watches, they're a functional piece as well as to add some texture to an outfit! I also really like the crossover detail in the jumper, I bet the cashmere feels really luxurious to wear! x

    Miss Imogen Smith


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