How to get stuff done


We all have those days.  You know the ones where you can't get out of your onesie, off of the sofa and up and doing?  Where before you know it, the day's done and you're still sat there watching your tenth episode of Come Dine With Me for the day.  I've been there.  And if you need a virtual kick up the backside, keep reading for my five steps towards getting stuff done.

Make a list
Because who doesn't love a list?  If you're a visual person, seeing everything written down will help you to focus and ensure nothing gets forgotten. And there's nothing more satisfying than ticking off another job, right?  Just be careful not to use "writing my list of very important jobs to do" as a way of procrastinating...

Too much to do with too little time?  Tell me about it, and this is where prioritising is key.  So all the little jobs need doing, but some will definitely be more important like others.  Phoning up to pay off your credit card?  Definitely.  Rearranging your book shelf?  Not so much.

The child within me just loves a reward at the end of a task, so consider setting up a little treat for completing your jobs.  It can be something as simple as a chocolate bar, or an at-home manicure.  Or for those long-term tasks, how about something a little more exciting?  Now *could* be the time to treat yourself to those Topshop boots you've had your eye on! 

Set time limits
This one harks back to my days of revision.  When I just can't face sitting down at the laptop to work, I always set myself a time limit of an hour or so before taking a break or quitting for the day.  I always find it a lot easier to motivate myself knowing there's a set time that I'll be finished, and inevitably I find myself really getting into it and working on for longer.

Just do it!
Sometimes, you just need to get off your backside and get stuff done.  Stop with the excuses and get moving.  And if that's a little too daunting, start small.  Go and clear out your handbag now.  You never know, you may find yourself energised and ready to tackle more.


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  2. Oh dear I'm doing it now, I should be washing up but I'm sat watching Davina and reading blogs. Reckon I'ma give myself a reward if I do it though : ) there's a cheesecake in the fridge screaming my name xx


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