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 Do you remember the Memory Maker I set up with my sister in January 2014?  It slipped a little towards the end of the year and we missed a few months, so we decided to kick start it again with some new challenges for 2015.

As a quick overview for anybody who doesn't know, we each put six activities into a jar without telling the other what they are.  Then each month we pull one out and have to do that challenge within the month.  We did some really fun things last year, including ice skating, rock climbing and a bike ride in London, and it was a really nice way to ensure we put time aside to spend together making memories.

And kicking things off this month....a trip to the cinema!  I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema, let alone with Zara, so it'll be fun to go together and see something new.  I'm thinking The Theory of Everything, although I'm not sure it's Zara's kind of film.....any suggestions?

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  1. Into The Woods was pretty good fun! This is a really cute idea though, I'm going to suggest it to my friends!

    Uncia + Tigris


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