A Very Spring-Like Weekend


With the school holidays in sight, I'm getting well and truly excited for Easter.  Ok, so any break from school is worth looking forward to, but there's just something about Easter.  There's excitement in the air at work, hot cross buns in the shop (I keep meaning to head down to M&S to buy a packet of their chocolate variety!) and I love Easter Sunday itself.  It's become a tradition that we all go to Mum's for an Easter lunch together of *the* most delicious lamb.  Which brings me nicely to my run-down of this past weekend which turned out to be very Spring-like indeed!

We started off the day with a trip to a nearby farm.  We had somewhat of a private tour; a friend's husband is the farmer there so she'd invited people down to come and watch the lambing.  We were lucky enough to see a lamb being born and got to have a cuddle with one.  They're so sweet! Sheep really don't do it for me, but lambs with their wobbly legs, spirited tails and floppy ears.  Now they're cute.

We headed home for some impromptu arts and crafts...it's so nice that Ella's getting to an age where she enjoys this sort of creative activity, and this kept her entertained from start to finish!  I bought this 'Decorate an Easter Bonnet' kit on a whim; it was only £2 and turned out to be such good value for money.  A bit of a change from the usual things I recommend to you, but definitely worth a try if you have little ones!

And finally, we finished off the day with chocolate.  Because....well, chocolate right?  The guys at Lindt had kindly sent their fashion bunny across and I could think of nobody better to share it with.  I say share, it's huge and a portion of ear was more than enough for Ella!

More Saturdays like this, please!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Gimmie some chocolate! :-)

    ​Leanne x
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