April 2015's Memory: Visit Richmond


A week or so ago, on a glorious day in the Easter holidays, Zara and I jumped in the car to spend a day in Richmond.  It was our challenge for April, and boy, did we pick a perfect day for it!

Having never been to Richmond, we were unsure of where to park and didn't want to get whacked with a huge car park charge at the end of it all.  After some quick research, we opted for a car park sitting a mile or so outside of town.  It actually made for a lovely walk in; with the sunshine on our backs, taking in the scenery (some nice....some not so!) and just general catching up.

Typically for me, by the time we got there I was desperate for the loo, so we dipped into the cinema only to find it was free ice cream day.  Seriously, have you ever heard of a better day??  Fate, I'm telling you!

The original plan was to take a boat trip, but I'd forgotten that schools in that county had finished their holidays and the boats weren't running during term-time.  Slightly perturbed, we wandered around for a bit and splurged my long-saved up Boots points before settling along the riverside for lunch.  In a fashion Mum would be proud of, we'd stopped en route to bring a packed lunch of sorts (ok, Tesco meal deal...) and it was lovely to sit out in the sunshine.

After lunch we did a spot more mooching, found a beautifully photogenic, peaceful courtyard before, predictably, ending up in Waterstones.  In terms of atmosphere, that branch is up there as one of my favourites, with the perfect little independent coffee shop tucked amongst the books on the second floor.  If I lived a little closer I could guarantee I'd spend 95% of my time in there!

Armed with a new book (and the small achievement of getting Zara to even consider buying a book), we headed back to the car.  We arrived home with sun-warmed skin, my first heat-induced headache of the year and promises to return ASAP.  The mark of a successful day, I'd say!

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