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When an email popped into my inbox talking about shelfies, I couldn't resist.  Betta Living's Express Your Shelf campaign brings together the best 'shelfies' online, and after checking them out I was inspired to create this post.

Shelves are having a serious moment and styling them is becoming quite the artform.  There are tonnes of articles online telling you how to do this, and whilst I prefer to create something organically rather than following a formula (if you read some of these, you'll know what I mean!) there's no denying that some of the tips are quite useful.

I had a think about the main areas we'd use shelves in our home and have divided up my thoughts on each.  I'm no expert on this, but it's nice to share inspiration and the little bit of knowledge I've picked up along the way!

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With my ever-expanding book collection, styling bookshelves is something I've been really looking into.  At the moment my books are arranged in a size/colour fashion, but I'm debating buying a couple of additional shelves and displaying them in a more bookshop-y way.  I love the aesthetic of books stacked horizontally and am thinking I'll have a few with the faces showing (rather than the spines) to break up the look.

We've gone for Billy bookcases in the library/office which stretch across one wall, so there's plenty of space for decorative additions.  Small photo frames, candles, metallic dishes and quirky ornaments look great and give added interest to bookshelves.

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Ah, I do love a good office/desk pin and there's nothing better than well-organised shelves.  In this area I still gravitate towards sleek, minimalism but I also like an industrial edge.  Thin metal shelves float my boat, and I love a good bit of additional storage added in.  H&M do great baskets that can organise hide messier items, and can we just take a minute to admire le sac en papier?  Not sure I'd ever part with £12 for a paper bag, but one of those alongside a potted plant is my ideal.  I've become quite the plant collector, and if you're looking to bring some greenery into your home I'd recommend starting with spider plants, peace lilies or cheese plants.  They're all fairly low maintenance.  Oh, and let's not forget how easy cacti and succulents are to keep alive! 

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Our bathroom is an area I'd really love to develop in terms of shelves.  It's a fairly small space, and at the moment we have an old-school rattan drawer system housing toiletries which, to be honest, we don't even use.  I'd love to chuck it all away and start again.  Aesthetically, I'm torn between wooden ladder shelves or metallic details.  I love the industrial look of those mounted baskets on the wall, but frankly we don't have the space.

When it comes to styling bathroom shelves, it's all about folded or rolled towels.  Plants work great on bathroom shelves, but be sure to pick one that's going to thrive in the humid environment.  And in terms of classic decoration, I find a nice candle always goes down a treat, but after creating this inspiration post I'm swayed by the idea of framed prints in the bathroom as well.

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And finally, who doesn't love a good gallery wall?  Personally, I think these have the most impact and make the biggest statement out of all of the shelves above.  Simple to create and easy to update; they're the perfect place to start if you're looking to decorate a room.

Gallery walls on their own look great, but photo ledges have really come into their own recently.  If you don't fancy banging multiple holes into your wall, you can pick these up for under a tenner.  They can be decorated with photo frames (obvz), records, clipboard, books, candles....the shelf is your oyster!

Do you have the perfectly arranged shelf at home?  Share any tips below!

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