Making Memories: April


Another one of my choices, this month Zara and I will be off on a trip to Richmond.  Richmond's not actually that far from us, but it's a place neither of us have been before.  Luckily, with it being the Easter holidays and the weather promising to be good, we're planning to make a day trip of it and hopefully do a little more than just visit the park.  I'm picturing a boat trip and a mosey in the shops.

Is there anywhere you'd recommend we visit?


  1. I live near Richmond; it's really nice. Always really busy by the river when the sun is out but there's nice places to stroll. I like the places/pubs by the green, just off the high street.


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  3. Visit my house? Um Winchester is good. Tom and I went on a bit of a spontaneous trip there once!

    Leanne x
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