A wedding in Carcassone


Last weekend, my best friend got married.  I'll keep my words brief, as they'll never do justice to the stunning venue of the medieval citadel of Carcassone.  It was a beautiful weekend which, being unexpectedly spread across two days, really made the whole thing more of an shared experience rather than 'just' a wedding.  From the nighttime ceremony, dashing across the cobbles in front of Cathedral Saint-Michel de Carcassone with onlookers cheering to the lavish reception the following day; it truly was an unforgettable event.

I'm still adjusting to seeing her new surname on Facebook; it's a funny feeling watching a best friend embark on a new journey.  From my viewpoint, not much has changed.....yet so much is different.  The photos can't capture the excitement, charm, fun and love that the weekend encompassed, but I'm so proud to have been able to share it with everyone.

Congratulations, Sam and James.
14th - 15th May 2015

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  1. A perfect location for a wedding, looks so romantic and beautiful.


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