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There will always be something you should have done differently when you first started | For me, the list is quite long.  I should have shown my face sooner, gone with my real name and set up twitter a lot earlier.  The more bloggers I meet, the more I realise I started when it was a relatively new craft.  And if I'd been less worried about trying to keep my identity anonymous, and got on board with social media, who knows how that would have reflected on my blog today.

If you work full time, the chances of natural lighting may never be in your favour | Happy days during the summer - you'll most likely be able to get home and take photos in natural light.  But let's face it, British weather is never that reliable.  More likely is that you'll struggle to find enough light to take decent photos even at weekends.  Investing in artificial lighting is an option that will ease the pain, and editing helps, but there's nothing better than that brief window of good luck where photo-taking is hassle-free.

Think carefully about social media handles and names | I'm at the point now where I'm looking to change my blog name to something that reflects me a little more.  I've already done it once, when my blog was in its very early stages and I hadn't invested in a url or YouTube channel.  Now, the implications seem wide-ranging.....dead links, confused readers, conflicting YouTube urls are all very real possibilities.  Think long and hard before you settle on a 'brand name', as such.

Sometimes you won't have anything to write about | It took a long time for me to reach this stage, years in fact, but talking to other bloggers means I've learnt that it inevitably happens.  Take a break from the internet if needs be, get some perspective.....and if you decide you want to continue, just take it slow.  You may get out of your blogger slump overnight, but there's nothing worse than forcing content.  You'll know it's not genuine, and chances are so will your readers.

Stay realistic | I suppose it's fairly easy for some to see the successes of mega-famous bloggers and YouTubers and think it's a guarantee.  95% of bloggers aren't going to get book deals, earn shizzloads of money through advertising, launch make up ranges or get mobbed on the street.  I'm not one to judge people's motives for blogging, but if you're doing it thinking that this is the norm then you may need to reassess.


  1. really enjoyed reading this and there all very true! Staying realistic is so important, being a 'big' blogger is just not going to happen to everyone, but enjoying the process what ever the outcome is so important.

  2. I've only been blogging since November so this is a really handy list :) I definitely want to get more involved socially with twitter chats and the like x

  3. I'm not sure if it is always necessary to go with your name. Yes, it is you who stand behind the brand of your blog but I think blogging shouldn't be just about you. Sorry if I don't make any sense. Though it is all personal I think that having blogs with different names not just your name is still quite creative and fun.

  4. Very true points!

    The problem about choosing a blog name is that often people start their blogs just as a hobby, not thinking about their "brand". So they often choose something quite esoteric, that doesn't really translate well if they decide to grow their blog into a business.

    I recently changed my blog name and had to settle for social media handles that aren't so great, because the ones I would have liked are taken. Oh well.

  5. All really honest points! I definitely agree with you about anonymity, I know that as a blog reader I connect more with a blog when its not anonymous. :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  6. Wise words and great to know I'm not alone with similar thoughts.. Although for me the working full-time issue extends beyond just lighting, it's finding the time I'd like to devote to blogging!... x

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Such good advice and insights :)

    A short Cut


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