The Beauty Essentials You Need In Your Collection....And The Over-Hyped Ones You Should Give A Miss


Eyelash curlers | People who can skip this step in their routine unnerve (but at the same time, impress) me.  It's like putting on underwear for me.  A must-do.  And while I hate to say Shu Uemera's are the best.....they're the best.

MAC Paint Pots | My life was changed when I first invested in one of these little pots of magic.  Eyeshadow, without fail, creases on me so using a Paint Pot is a must.  A light layer of this prior to shadow helps it to stay put a lot longer and I wouldn't be without it.

Beauty Blender | In a blogosphere dominated by brushes, the arrival of an egg-shaped sponge was met with a little trepidation.  Now, however, I'm sold.  The Real Techniques offering is my blender of choice, and after a quick whizz under the tap it really does blend my make up in seamlessly and leave me with a beautifully even base.  And so quick too!

Brush cleanser | There's no two ways about it, cleaning make up brushes is a thankless task.  I used to use baby shampoo, but the instant gratification of watching make up literally dissolve away with the aid of proper brush cleanser has made it a much more bearable chore.  And by that I mean 'slightly less boring'.

Lip liners | Of any kind!  Until 2014, with the exception of when wearing a red lip, I'd never used lip liners.  How did I not know that they would literally transform my lipstick collection?!  Not only do they hugely improve the longevity of my lipstick, but they can be used to change the tone of lipsticks too.  I've got an army of liners ready to be interchanged at whim and create new looks....check out this post if you fancy seeing some of my favourite nudes.

Matte bronzer | Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a little shimmer to the face.  In the summer I've even been known to opt for a highlighting bronzer to give me that overall glow, but if you're looking for an everyday staple then go matte all the way.  It can be used to warm up the complexion, chisel in some cheekbones (just make sure it's not too warm-toned!) or as a transition shade for eyeshadow in the crease.  My personal favourites are the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel or Benefit's Hoola, but Rimmel also do a great powder, too.

And the ones to give a miss....

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Shimmer Brick | I love me a good highlighter, but this one's just too subtle for me.  I googled swatch after swatch of this and was sure it would be the ultimate in golden, glowy goodness.  The result is not the same for me.  Give this a miss; there are far better powder highlighters available from the high street.

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight | See, told you I love a good highlight!  This one comes in a creamy stick formula but again, the pay off isn't great.  Its pinky-tones aren't my favourite and the results just aren't strong enough for me.  Another one to skip.

Bobbi Brown Corrector |  Hands up who else was lead to believe their dark circles would be banished with this little pot?  Me too, so I eagerly went and got colour matched.  The result?  Yep, I can see a difference when I first apply a layer of this pinky cream to my under-eye area, but when used as an extra step in my make up routine there really is no difference from when I skip this step.


  1. Ooh loved this. I've just rediscovered eyelash curlers and now I can't skip them out, I love them!!!

    Sophie x

  2. Awesome post! Totally agree with you on the must-haves. What's your favourite brush cleanser? xx

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Thank you! I get a really cheap one from the beauty trade supplies shop. It's under £3 and works so well! x

  3. I'm so behind on the eyelash curler front (hangs my head in shame) but with you on the brush cleanser although baby shampoo bubbles infuriate me x

  4. Definitely agree on the eyelash curlers - I left them out of my gym make-up bag once and felt weird the whole day! x


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