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Stationery | The thought of receiving a little box of stationery goodness fills me with excitement.  After some research (there are a lot of cute, kitschy....naff....boxes out there), I've settled on Happy Mail being the best offering.  Curated by Elsie and Ella from A Beautiful Mess, it's the sweetest box of notes, postcards, cards and stickers.  Prices range from $15-$20 (£9-£14ish) with $2 international postage.  And if stationery isn't your thing, there's always the Messy Box to appeal to any scrapbookers out there.  I'm yet to sign up, but will be doing so ASAP.

Lifestyle | There's been a lot of blogger buzz surrounded My Little Box - they're a French company with themed lifestyle boxes released each month.  It's one of the most aesthetically pleasing boxes I've seen, with gorgeous drawings included each month, alongside a mix of items to fit with the theme.  Past boxes have included a mini stamper set, jewellery, make up and stationary as well as the monthly magazine which always makes an appearance.  And at £14.95 including P&P, this is a relatively cheap box for the quality you receive.

Books |  One thing more exciting than buying a new book has to be receiving a mystery one through the post, right?  They're a little thin on the ground in the UK, but The Willoughby Book Club has to be the most well thought out box.  With boxes for children, fiction lovers, non-fiction fans and even couples, this service can be tailored to most; you fill in a form with your preferences to ensure that the book will hopefully suit your tastes.  With prices starting at £29.99 for a 3-month subscription, it's not the cheapest option out there......buying the books yourself would be cheaper, but definitely not as fun.  And with every book club gift sold, they'll donate a book to Book Aid International so, y'know, you're doing a good deed at the same time!

Food | The first box I ever signed up to, everyone must try a Graze box at some stage.  There are over 100 healthy snacks to choose from (you can tell them what you don't like, to make sure you won't receive it), each individually packaged and perfect for on the go.  You can opt for their standard variety mix, the lighter option where each snack is between 50-150 calories, or the kids selection.  My one gripe?  That you only get 4 snacks per box.  These scream 'coffee break snacks for work', so it's a shame they haven't included one more to get you through the working week.  But with free delivery, the seemingly never-ending offers of free boxes and each one only costing £3.99, it's hard to grumble.

Beauty | Ah, perhaps the most well known use of a subscription service...the beauty box.  The list of companies doing this is endless, but it's the Lookfantastic box which wins it for me.  With big brands such as Korres, NUXE, Tigi and Eyelure included for as low as £11.25 per box (dependent on theb length of subscription), it's good to know that you'll be receiving items from brands you've actually heard of.  Another box of note is the LoveMeBeauty box, which gives you the chance to pick the items going into your box.  Perfect for the control freaks amongst us!

Candles | WaxBox is a UK-based candle and wax tartlet subscription service offering a mix of well known brands alongside smaller candle companies, and is a great way to try out something new.  This box seems to be the safest 'bet' out of the varying types of subscription boxes; as long as you're a candle lover it's probably safe to say you'll find something you'll like (and most importantly, use) in these boxes.

Is there anything I've missed?  Which boxes are you signed up to?


  1. I subscribed to My Little Box the other week and received my first box very recently and I absolutely love it. Like you said it is very aesthetically pleasing!

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  2. Pretty tempted to sign up to a candle subscription box, I know I'd definitely use the things inside <3


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