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I'm in a funk.  After growing my hair a little longer to fit into an updo for my bestie's wedding, I've reached a point where I don't know what to do with my style.  Do I cut or do I grow?  Sincerley Jules has my dream hair, but I'm just not sure whether I can style it or it'll suit me.  So I do I go for my fail safe, wrinkle hiding fringe?  It's been ages since I've had one and whilst I'm tempted to go for a full choppy fringe, a big part of me thinks I'll have instant regret.

And what to do about colour?!  I've got images in my head of the perfect subtle pink/beige toned blonde.....and despite buying that exact shade, my hair just won't take it.  After a semi-disaster last summer where we dyed my hair pink (I liked it, it just faded so quick and left me with an all over white blonde that really didn't suit me), I'm thinking of going for something much less permanent.  A grey toner through the ends perhaps?  Or should I try my hand with the pink dye and try to get a rose gold tint to my balayage?

My hair board is without a doubt my most used on pinterest.  If you fancy having a look it's here....but don't forget to throw in your thoughts about what I should so with my mop!


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  2. I think you should dye it. I know its just hair, but cutting can be so drastic, and it takes foreverrrrrr to grow back. Dying it will give you a chance to get out of your funk and try something new without completely whacking it off and regretting it.That's just what I'd do though :)

    Danyell Bailey |

  3. I love all the wavy styles you've posted here, I'd love my hair to be like one of those too - but even when I have it done like that at the hairdressers it just won't hold. After half an hour it drops out and i just look like a vagrant. Anyway, not helpful to you - sorry. I think your hair always looks really pretty in your videos. I bet you'd feel like a new woman with a colour refresh and a good old trim.

  4. Love these styles. The short silver crop is so pretty!

    Check out my latest post <3


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