Things I've learnt through living alone


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So I mentioned the other day that Nick's been working away for the past month or so.  We started off long-distance, but it's been years since we haven't seen each other everyday and although it was a culture shock at first, I feel like I've come out the other side.  I've grown comfortable in my own company, and the weekends together are spent doing things we wouldn't normally in order to make the most of the time.  It's actually quite nice getting to know myself again and living (practically) alone for the first time ever. 

Not every creak or bang upstairs is an axe murderer breaking in. Invariably it's just the cats chasing each other...

Leaving the house will take an extra 10 minutes each morning.  Checking plug sockets, shutting windows and triple-checking the back door's locked all becomes part of the routine.

Things stay where they're put.  As much as I miss Nick while he's gone, being able to come home and find that everything is where I left it, the bed's still made and the bathroom's still tidy is the nicest feeling.

Everything is much cleaner.  I'm not the tidiest of people, but being solely responsible for the appearance of the house makes me much more likely to clear up mess as it happens.  Nick's no slob either, but put us together and things seem to slide a little.  My new thing to do is blitz the house on a Sunday and see how long I can keep it that way for.  Entertainment's a little sparse when you're on your own, don't judge.

Being selfish is in.  Evenings of having to worry about nobody but myself are par for the course.  Want to stay in the bath until you're wrinkled like a prune?  Do it!  Binge-watch the Hollyoaks omnibus?  Go for it!  Eat cookies whilst wearing pj bottoms?  A must!  Ok, so that last one happens regardless of whether Nick's away, but having the freedom of making nobody but myself happy is a  luxurious thing.

Surgical removal of my tablet from my hand is a real possibility.  I can go hours without talking to anybody.  I was poorly and lost my voice a few weeks back but didn't even know until I'd phoned in sick to work as there's no-one here to talk to.  I keep myself sane by making an effort to chat to the cats and Dudley, but YouTube has become my closest companion.  It's got to the stage where I can't even go to the toilet without taking the tablet with me.  I think it's about time somebody hid it from me...

More sleep is on the cards.  Keep it clean, people!  By this I mean that I can go to bed when I want (falling asleep at 8:30 has happened more than once), not worry about Nick waking me up when he crashes into bed and not have to fight him for the covers.  I've never slept so well!

Is there anything I've missed?


  1. I love this post. I don't live alone but I do stay alone a lot because my parents travel so much. I always over exaggerate every little noise and get scared in the house but slowly I've become accustomed to it! It does help when you have a hyper puppy and you can blame every noise on her haha!

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  2. I love this post! I love all of those things too! :D I love being selfish through eating some (or all) meals in bed whilst watching series. Ha. Sleep is amazing. I was in bed at 8.40 last night (Saturday) and it was glorious. So good.

  3. Love this! I live on my own and I am so glad my flat is super tiny or I'd spend hours shutting windows and turning plugs off! I sadly find the opposite with tidiness though as there's no one to judge my ever-growing chair-drobe! x


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